The vestibular implant technology is experiencing a revolution similar to the cochlear implant 40 years ago.

This is demonstrated by an increase in investment in research and the fact that more and more scientists are becoming involved in this area.

From a clinical point of view, it is seen that this technology can represent a revolution in the treatment of vestibular dysfunction, assuming a high impact on the quality of life of patients and many other benefits.

The main objective of this meeting is to show the current status of the vestibular implants by different research groups as well as alternatives for the treatment and rehabilitation of vestibular pathology.

The main topics will be:
• Physiology of the vestibular system
• Development of vestibular implant
• Planning and surgery of the vestibular implant
• Systems for evaluation of implanted patients
• Intra-operative monitoring
• New technologies on vestibular rehabilitation
• Update of scientific results of different research groups

VIRTM is organized online with three types of communications: lectures, sessions and round tables.

Renowned researchers on the subject will conduct the sessions. In each session, different aspects of vestibular dysfunction and the impact of electrical stimulation will be discussed.

The round tables are made up of a moderator and several panelists where various topics will be discussed in a question and answer format. The objective is to know the different points of view of the participants from different research teams on different specific questions.

During the sessions and round tables, an online question form will be enabled for the audience to be involved in the discussion.



Honorary Chairman
Nuri Özgirgin
Angel Ramos de Miguel
Morgana Sluydts
Robby Vanspauwen


Prof. Angel Ramos Macias
Prof. Maurizio Barbara
Prof. Andrzej Zarowski
Prof. Manuel Manrique